DIY: Crystal and Pearl Hair Pins

I’m in love with this hair inspiration from Knottie Mrs. Pdxbride06:

I realized more than anything, I loved that hair clip! Turns out they’re custom-made hair pins from August Veils according to Mrs Pdx’s planning page, and I’m guessing they’re most likely based on the Donna style:

Hair pins by August Veils

I decided to DIY my own version.  A quick look online, and it seemed like Beaded Impressions had what I was looking for and at the right price. I ordered one strand of 4mm rose quarz beads, and 4mm preciosa crystals in light rose, capri blue in case I want a little somethin’ blue for future projects, and crystal (clear). I also ordered a strand of freshwater pears in natural, which are a mix of pinks, metallics and ivories, as nature intended. 😉

I had some fine-gauge wire already cut into two-inch long pieces from my paper pomander ball project. And I had a bunch of regular bobby pins I thought I’d use. Well, this weekend my beads arrived in the mail and they were everything I’d hoped they could be and more! With around 48 beads per strand, I’ll have enough to make my ‘maids presents, too! Not bad for $25.

My “workstation” aka the couch, for my wire and beads as I watched Sleepless in Seattle and twisted away:

I didn’t use any professional beading tools, just a pair of pliers. This is what I pulled off in about 10ish minutes:

Pearl and Crystal Hairpin

In person, it looks just like the August Veils’ photo hairpin. I am so happy with how they’re turning out! I think I’ll try to do five pins per Grey’s Anatomy night.

Tip: Do this project well ahead of your wedding, because it wreaks havoc on your fingernails.


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