Come To Me, Manolo Blahniks

I swoon for Manolo Blahniks, even though I’m a die hard, never-spend-more-than-100-bucks shoe buyer. Yes, I’m a penny-pincher, I’ll admit it.

During my days of wedding planning, and wondering what shoes I should buy, it was all too easy to drive the five minutes over to Fashion Island, and play dress up in the Neiman Marcus shoe salon.

So, after lusting over the Manolos there, I decided to  scour eBay for a barely-worn pair. Of course, keeping in mind authenticity is not guaranteed on eBay, I mainly looked for shoes with plenty of pictures, an authentic box and dust bag, and store receipts.

Not long after I launched my search, the perfect pair popped up. The pair had only been tried on, not worn! After a few convos with the seller, she assured me I would *not* be happy with these shoes, as they had a few scuff marks. Did she sense I was a perfectionist? But they looked good to me in the pictures, and at under $100, they were the perfect price.

I was certain I wouldn’t win them, but by some small miracle, my bid won! Yippee!

Check ’em out:

Those Santa Ana winds had me channeling Marilyn Monroe:


Do you lust for designer shoes for your wedding day? Try eBay!



  1. Charlene Mandau said

    I think that they are adorable! I lusted for everything for my wedding day but had to make a lot of comprises.

    Second hands shoes are great so long as the fit is good and they’re still in good condition. You are so good at finding hidden treasures!

  2. missjunebug said

    Thank you Char! I hear ya on lusting for everything…so many things that we just can’t swing for this wedding… Makes me wanna plan for a 10-year anniversary bash when *hopefully* we could afford more things!

    Thanks for reading my blog. Miss ya, and see you soon, I hope!

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