Escort Cards-On-A-Mirror!

I’ve devised a unique way of displaying escort cards: on a magnet mirror!

I first found this magnet mirror at one of my favorite home decor sites, Layla Grayce:


I did a Google search and up came the same product cheaper at other online retailers–score!

After procuring ribbon, eyelet escort cards from Martha Stewart that I found at Big Lots, and small butterfly magnets that I made, I put together 150 cute little magnet escort cards. They’re currently blank, awaiting names to be written.

A close-up of the butterfly magnet:

I made each one by attaching a small-yet-strong circular magnet to the back of the brass butterfly bead with hot glue.

Then I strung wire through a bead, strung that through the hole in the bead, and used the wire to secure the ribbon.

The ribbon was strung through a hole-punched, skinny escort card, which was cut from larger eyelet escort cards courtesy of MS. The guests’ names will be written on the front, and the table number on the inside of the card.

I just love how they look on the magnet board mirror:

We’re going to hang the escort card mirror from its white silk ribbon from a branch of a huge old white oak tree, right next to the beverage bar.

I thought the magnets would be handy for guests to tack on to their beverage jars, to mark them for the evening, as there’s only one jar per person. We’re going to tie tiny metal washers with rafia around the lip of each jar for attaching the magnets.

Have you come up with a totally unique way of displaying  escort cards at your wedding?


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