Last-Minute Touches!

When wedding week is upon you, take the time to sort through your wedding programs to make sure they are in neat piles or displayed attractively and at-the-ready for your wedding planner to hand off to the usher who will be giving them to your guests.

Add ribbons tied to the handles of fan programs. Here are programs tied with satin navy blue picot-edged ribbon from Lawrence Schiff Silk Mills. I placed them in a cute, oversided antique basket (that was my great grandmother’s).

Signage is another great last-minute project! All you need is some old wood, white paint and a small-to-medium sized artists’ paint brush:

This one reads: Happily Ever After and is painted on a weathered and ancient rowboat oar:

Small hand-painted driftwood signs are quick to do, and can be propped up next to the petal-tossing bowls on your aisle:

Close up:

I ran out of room on some of them so I substituted “bride and groom” for “them.” Just go with the flow, staying flexible in case you run out of room for the full phrase you intended.

Have you spaced out your DIY projects over the months? Or did you intentionally leave some quick last-minute projects for the week-of?


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