Budget Bouquets, Boutonnieres and Bowers!

So, you want to know how to save a bundle on flowers?

Did you perhaps receive a florists’ quote exceeding $4,000, for what you thought was a rather skimpy amount of blooms?

Of course, not to knock the florists’ talents! It’s well worth the money to avoid the hassle of planning and arranging for your own floral needs at your own wedding! As professionals, florists deserve to mark up their product, just like any other vendor would.

That said, I am an avid gardener (a Master Gardener in the UCCE program in Orange County) and passionate arranger of flowers and so I did the flowers for my wedding, and those of clients’, for under $300.

Anyway. If you’re going the DIY route, first off, establish a budget.

We were going to try to source everything from our own garden, but it was a tough winter on our flowers. So, plan accordingly if you are growing blooms in your garden. You may need to purchase more flowers than you’d previously thought in case it’s a harsh winter.


So, $300 brings us, courtesy of Sequoia Wholesalers:
15 stems Dahlias (light pink)
20 stems Billy Buttons
40 stems Veronica (white)
100 stems scabiosa (white)

And, from Fiftyflowers.com:
56 stems peach Juliet peony roses

If at all possible, locate some “filler” flowers you can use to supplement your arrangements. Try meadows, friends’ gardens, and even post an ad on Craigslist or Freecycle asking if anyone can donate flowers if you come and cut them yourself.


For “filler” flowers for all my floral projects, I have this, my mom’s garden to work with:

A nice, big, Mock Orange:

Some Feverfew:

Lamb’s ears:

Pink Veronica:

And much, much more:

With these as fillers and Veronica, Feverfew, Scabiosa and oodles of the showy, white-and-yellow Matilija poppies, (that grow on the roadside in California) I’m hoping my arrangements will resemble Saipua’s aesthetic: loose, organic and gorgeous!


A cross between the above, and this:


For my bouquets, using the peach Juliet roses, the goal is they turn out something like this:

Miss Cowboy Boot’s bouquet! With peach Juliet roses, I believe.

Billy Buttons are great for the boutonnieres, and a few in the centerpieces.

Stay tuned to see how it all turned out!

Are you taking on a HUGE do-it-yourself project that everybody and their brother just shakes their heads at when you tell them about it? But you honest-to-goodness don’t mind doing it yourself because you luuuuurve doing said project? Maybe it’s baking your own cake? Baking batches of macaroons for your dessert table? Sewing your bridesmaids’ gowns? Letterpress printing your own invites? 😉 Do share!


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  1. haha! I totally just stumbled across your blog while doing a web search for my business name, just to see what came up. I’m a wedding & event floral designer and the name of my business is… you guessed it- Paisley Petals! My grandparents were from Paisley, Scotland and I named it in their honor. Anyway– best of luck with all your wedding plans- I’m sure it will be gorgeous! So glad to hear you’ve already done a practice run– that’s always my advice to brides who are planning to DIY their flowers!

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