How to Build a Fauxtobooth (On the Cheap!)

So, I was at Jo-Ann’s the other day looking for ribbon for a Moroccan lantern project, when I fell upon the perfect fauxtobooth fabric in the outdoor fabric section. At $4/yard, I felt like I’d hit the wedding jackpot, especially since I’d been eyeing this expensive designer wallpaper by Amy Butler, then eyeing the budget, then eyeing said expensive wallpaper, for about a month without caving in to buy it:

Wallpaper would make a great fauxtobooth or candy buffet backdrop! And the bride can always repurpose it in her home after the wedding! Somebody please hire me and let me use Amy Butler wallpaper in your wedding decor! Please!


I am also in love with this wallpaper by Amy Butler as well:


Sigh. One day, wallpaper, one day.

But for now, I’m satisfied with a $24, 6 yards’ worth of this pretty stuff:

Picture frames are a super fun touch, and easy to add to any fauxtobooth fabric panel:


This fauxtobooth took about an hour to build. Just a few pieces of driftwood quickly sunk into the ground and screwed together to create a frame, and then some scissors and a staple gun to pull the fabric taut around it and the wooden picture frames.

For a bride with enough time and resources, the possibilities of picture-frame-goodness are endless:


And this:


So. Much. Fun!

Now, creating the frame for the whole structure is something a creative designer can definitely do. It can be done using a frame, hanging from the ceiling, from trees, the list of possibilities for engineering such a fauxtobooth are as endless as the things your imagination can dream up!

Are you building a DIY fauxtobooth? How’d you do it, and what sort of props do you plan on using?

Photobooth photos courtesy of Tanja Lippert.



  1. Megan said

    Keep sharing your tips Elizabeth!! You should do a buying guide from both your wedding and other fund inspirational pictures you love. For instance, I found your floral section SUPER helpful.

    • That’s a great idea, Megan! Thanks! That’s something I’ll definitely do. Maybe I’ll do inspiration boards paired with a buying guide for a variety of different styles of weddings. What style, or colors, would you most like to see?

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