Easy as Tie

Or not.

How hard can it be to pick a tie?

O-oh, oh, let me tell you, it can be a challenge. Make sure to bring with you the following: an inspiration board, your wedding color swatches and bridesmaid dress swatches.

Here’s an inspiration/storyboard I recently created to help pick the perfect tie for a Southern-inspired affair:

All photos unless noted are personal photos.

Upper left: Source
Middle right: Miss Apple Cider of Weddingbee.com
Lower left: Source
Lower right: Miss Cowboy Boot of Weddingbee.com

The suit in the middle of the inspiration board? That’s what the guys are wearing. Tan seersucker from Jos Bank.

That preppy bow tie in navy with pink dots is my favorite at the moment.

Here’s a better look.

Next to the ensemble, I arranged a pink tie to act as the bridesmaids’ bouquet. Use what you’ve got on hand! If it’s the same color as your roses, it will work instead of bringing in a full-on bouquet!

Next, I placed a pair of navy slacks to simulate the bridesmaids’ navy chiffon gown, to see how it would all look together.

Here are the contenders:

(For reference, the colors for this wedding are pale aqua, navy blue, peach and pink.)

Option A (the navy bow tie above)

Option B

The light blue, pink and navy striped tie

Option C

The striped bow tie

Option D

The peach, navy and light blue tie

The winner ended up being the first choice, option A, the navy and pink polka dot bow tie! The last tie was too salmon-y pink, and the others just weren’t doing it for me.

Here’s how it all turned out! Dashing and debonair, no?

The men were big fans of the bow ties! They all felt like Southern gentlemen for the day and even rocked out psuedo Southern drawls, with the guidance of the one groomsman who was actually Southern!

Have you found ties for your groomsmen yet? Or is your groom in charge? Was it difficult to match them to your wedding, or was it simply a cinch? Maybe…easy as tie? 😉

Last two photos courtesy of Tanja Lippert.


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