How to Draw a Map

Like justbefore I licked the invitation envelopes shut, it dawned on me that what it needed was a wedding map! The suite was a bare minimum of a single invitation and reply card and envelope.  I printed the invitations myself, why not make a map, too?

Anyone with middling artistic talent can do it! I’m no artist, but I sat down with my drawing pad and Google for inspiration.

I used pencil shavings on a cotton ball (using the cotton ball to smear the color onto the paper) to achieve the dreamiest, most blended color.

Well, I know you want to see it already, so here it is!

And with the invitation, and envelope liner (a scan from a fabric pattern I liked):

To create your own, try Google mapping the area near your wedding site, and print it out. Then freehand or use tracing paper to capture the roads and add mountains, lakes and cute details pertaining to your wedding location or personal style.

Draw first lightly in pencil, then, once you’re satisfied, outline everything in dark pen ink and add color either with colored pencils (I used Prismacolor) watercolor, or other medium.

Among lots of tiny details I drew were a waterskier, a seaplane, a bicycle, and a picnic basket. And of course, lots of grapes, as this was a northern California wine country wedding!

I also created a monogramed horseshoe compass. Horseshoes symbolize luck, and it’s tradition for an Irish bride to carry one, U-shape up of course, so “the luck doesn’t run out” of the horseshoe! Cute, huh?

Did you decide to take on a map-making project?

Top two photos by Tanja Lippert.



  1. Your wedding map was GORGEOUS! (as are your invitations) I wish I had done this for our wedding! Also – I have been looking for you Paisley for a while so I’m happy to have found your blog 🙂 ~Clare

    • Elizabeth Nixon said

      Thanks Clare! I’m so glad you found me! Watch out for my recaps, which will be debuting next week over on Weddingbee!

      Off to check out your blog now!


      • I’m glad too! YAY! I cant wait for it! BTW I ❤ your last name – my dog's name is Nixon!

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