A Creative Way to Use Ribbons in Your Wedding

What could be more delightful, more youthful, more whimsical, than ribbons dancing in the breeze?

Ribbons enter my design schemes as special touches, or purely as a solution to a tricky problem (more on that later).

Revel in their prettiness:





Love the ribbons on chairs!


I wish I could say I was doing that, but no, I came upon the idea of ribbons when I found some great Moroccan lanterns, but they needed some extra oomph and height. You have to be careful when hanging objects to make sure they are in proportion to the height and scope of their surroundings. Moroccan lanterns can seem small and silly hanging from HUGE 80+ inch shepherd’s hooks. A simple and beautiful solution? Ribbons! I glue gunned long streams of ribbons to create the optical illusion that the lanterns were actually bigger than they were:


The ribbons are sourced from Lawrence Schiff Silk Mills, and match the peach, cream and dusty rose colors of the invitations:


And other paper goods from the wedding:

My other favorite sources for ribbons are Midori and Hanah Silk.

Do you love the look of flowing ribbons in wedding decor, or does it remind you too much of May poles? Or perhaps this?

Last three photos by Tanja Lippert.


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