Great California Venues that Stay Open Late!

Are you interested in finding some great California wedding venues that stay open late, and allow the party to go past the usual 10 p.m.? Then this post is for you.

Honestly, hells wedding bells, why must most venues shut down at 9 or 10 p.m.?!?!

Take this beauty.

Nestldown, in Los Gatos.


It shuts down at 10. But if you have a wedding there, you could have an after party until 2 a.m. at the nearby Toll House Hotel.

The Ebell Club of Long Beach is more flexible.


This beautiful, historic woman’s philanthropic club is gorgeous, and lets you party into the wee hours!

MacCallum House in Mendocino.


Situated in the beautiful seaside village of Mendocino about three hours from San Francisco, this is a favorite spot of mine to visit. The MacCallum House allows music outdoors until 10 p.m. in their wedding tent, but guests can mingle in the hotel and bar until 2 a.m. with music indoors. Only downside is it’s so far from any major airport.

The Green Room in San Francisco.


You can rent this affordable gem in the city of San Francisco into the wee hours as well, and there are NO time restrictions! You could have the reception there, and still have a beautiful outdoor wedding at a local park, with a lighthouse:

Point Montara Lighthouse


Another park for an outdoor ceremony:

Marin Headlands


However, beware the S.F. summer fog. It is FREEZING and unpredictable and the lighthouses are often too windy. Think fall for an S.F. wedding.

Those are just a few of the dozens of venues I’ve researched up and down the great state of CA. Contact me if you’re interested in learning about more of them!

How is the venue search going for you? Is it a struggle to find a venue with a later-than-typical curfew?


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