Tuesdays With Mor’Money

Yup, I just pulled out a reference to the best-selling novel (and movie) Tuesdays with Morrie. I think Morrie would have been the type of guy who thinks one should not overspend on things, and thus Morrie would approve of this post, which is all about saving money. Creating a wedding, an event and a lifestyle that looks high-end, but in reality is cheaper than my mom-at-the-mall.

See, I grew up in a family that clipped coupons, swapped goods with friends, accepted hand-me-downs and constantly scouted for cheap deals so we could afford a yearly or so extravagant vacation. We’re talking Europe extravagant. So it makes sense I followed the same methods of saving so I could have my Europe-caliber wedding. A $50,000-lookalike-affair for $15,000. (See it here at Style Me Pretty.)

Yes, I caved into my champagne vices while sticking to natty ice prices. (Ooo, I rhymed!) And I’m here to offer my services to help you do the same.

So, let me get to the point: I’m starting a new feature up in he’ah! Each week, I’m going to create a mood board and buying guide for a uniquely beautiful wedding styled by yours truly! Annnnd, my dear readers, you’ll have a chance to have that buying guide and custom wedding design created by me for free, based on your dream wedding, and featured right here.

Furthermore, since I know many of you may have more specific needs, I can customize your buying guide/mood board to not just an overall wedding design, but if you so choose I will create a buying guide for your wedding-or-event floral needs (for those DIYers like me out there) that sticks to both your budget, without sacrificing your floral-dreams. OR, if you’re not currently planning an event, I will create a mood board and buying guide to revamp and redecorate a room in your house or apartment! I’ll source inexpensive-yet-stylish items to tie your room together, all while sticking to a budget. Just specify in your comment below: “Wedding Me!” “Flower Me!” or “Decorate Me!” so I know which you’d like!

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is one of the following: subscribe to my blog, follow me on Twitter, tweet about this giveaway, become a “fan” of Clementine & Clover’s facebook page, or post on your own blog with a link to this giveaway. Come back here and in your comment, tell me what-all you’ve done. You’ll get an entry for each action you take! That’s up to five entries per person!

I’ll announce the winner and be in touch with them this Friday!

Good luck and thanks for entering!!



  1. Samantha Trejo said

    “Flower Me” — Hi, I am now a fan of Clementine & Clover’s Facebook page, and I subscribed to your blog! I am getting married and I need HELP!! Haha! Thanks!


  2. DECORATE ME! I just subscribed via Reader.

  3. Jess said


  4. killer b. said

    Decorate Me!

    I liked your facebook page. We’re looking to renovate our home, which would include closing in our 1-car garage to make an office/guest room. This would be a total start from scratch, and I’d love to have a little help 🙂

  5. I’m following you on twitter! (I can’t believe I wasn’t before!)

  6. And I’m following you on Facebook!

  7. Nellie said

    DECORATE ME! My apartment lacks style! I subscribe to your blog via Reader!

  8. Nellie said

    I follow you on Twitter!

  9. Nellie said

    Just tweeted your giveaway as well… http://twitter.com/WirednWitty/status/30471601803759616

  10. […] Nixon of Clementine & Clover is hosting a giveaway y’all.  She’s looking to give away an expertly put together […]

  11. Nellie said

    just blogged the giveaway on my blog: http://wiredwittyandwelldressed.com/2011/01/27/giveaway-alert-interiorwedding-design/

  12. […] the winner of my very first giveaway last week, came to me seeking a remodel of her and her husband Nick’s den, which needs some pops of […]

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