Giveaway Winners!!!

Yep, you read that correctly, we have not one, but TWO winners of this week’s custom mood board giveaway!

How did that happen?! Let me explain with this picture sequence of my random-drawing method:

1. Write giveaway entry names on pieces of sticky note paper I had lying around and place in a hat:

2. Shake hat around, close eyes, and dip in for the winning folded-up-sticky-note-name:

3. Open eyes to discover this:

Sammie is the winner! Wahoo! But oh wait, what’s this? A tag-along sticky-note-paper:

Nellie won, too! Time for a happy dance! Not too surprising Nellie was a winner as well, since she had a total of four entries in the drawing for tweeting, blogging, subscribing and following–a great way to maximize yo’ chances, girlfriend, and it gave me a boost in readership this week. Thanks to you and to all who entered!

Side note: I clearly hadn’t thought through the whole using-sticky-note-paper thing in my drawing. Those suckers all stuck together after I shook the hat up. Obviously I’m still in the primitive stages on this here ol’ blog of mine. I could have used, but I just thought seeing as how I had a manageable number of entrants this time around, I might as well have a little fun and use the old folded-up-papers-in-a-hat method.

BUT, I definitely don’t regret that the two stuck together. I’m very excited to have two winners, especially in two categories: Flowers and Decorating! This means I’ll be whipping up a DIY-flower-arranging and buying guide for Sammie, a bride-to-be, AND an interior design mood board for Nellie. It’ll be a fun weekend of shopping, planning and mood-boarding to be sure. I just eat this stuff up.

Winners, I’ll be in touch but if you see this post first, give me a holler at and we’ll get started.

If you didn’t win this time, no fear, this will be a weekly feature so be sure to pop back in Tuesday for a chance to win again. Between now and then, keep your eyes peeled for my first-ever fashion mood board. I was just flipping through a four-year-old photo album of ours, and realized I haven’t shopped much since then. I still have all the same clothes in those photos. Realizing that was the jolt I needed to whip up a colorful, late-winter wardrobe shopping guide. If you like shopping at places like Anthropologie, Modcloth and JCrew, I think you’ll like the mood board I’m currently working on.

Stay tuned, lovely readers, and have a wonderful weekend. Colby and I plan to spend some quality time together outdoors. It’s my turn for a piggyback ride.




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