Jackie-O Inspired Mood Board

I’ve always had a thing for long, ruched leather gloves, the kind Jackie-O used to wear beneath a ’60s-style coat like this one I found on sale at J.Crew. When I spotted these gloves at Dillards for under $20, I squealed with glee. Although I generally only purchase gloves in-person to ensure a great fit and color, I just might bite the bullet for these babies!

I hope you like this style board I built inspired by the former first lady. I think this is an ensemble a modern, color-loving Jackie-O would wear.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this mini skirt at Gap for only $14.99! It would look so great with this outfit, because the hem would definitely be at or above the coat’s hem length, making for a nice, streamlined silhouette.

My ears might just need to be pierced so I can wear those adorable baubles, under $20 at Anthro.

I probably wouldn’t personally spring the $198 for the brown snakeskin clutch at Fablogue, but I’d definitely use it as inspiration to find something similar at a vintage clothing store.

The J.Crew dollop coat and the Frye boots, on the other hand, are definitely investments worth making, since they’ll last years. I’ve spotted those exact boots on eBay, too.

I never knew Target carried Dolce & Gabbana sunnies, but boy, am I glad they do! And who’d a thunk you could beget a cashmere cardi on Overstock for under $30 bucks!? Yes, please!

That pink ring is so cute, at $78 it’s a splurge, but it’s still on my wish-list! Hue tights are perfection. I have a whole mess of them and wear ’em regularly! Check the sale bins at Anthropologie, there always seems to be several pairs hiding there!

Sigh. This whole outfit would be so chic, colorful and warm! I picture myself wearing it while driving a vintage convertible down the Pacific Coast Highway. I’d throw on an elegant Hermes scarf like this one, to tame my hair.

Happy shopping … or in my case, dreaming!

Are you still in winter-mode, or are you craving a bit of springtime color? How do you add color to your wintertime wardrobe?



  1. Alexa Vaughn said

    Blah. It’s sooo all about Grace Kelly right now.

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just kidding – nice collection.

  2. Well at least my bff comments on my blog, even though they’re mean-ass comments. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lol, just kidding….I first saw this comment in my email and I was like “YESSSS!!! A comment on my blog post! Fiiiiiiiiinally!!!!!!! WAIT a hot-darn-minute who’s saying “blah” on my blog?!? Whythenerve of this brazen reader!!!! *shakes fist* OH! It’s Alexa!!! And it’s actually a nice comment, oh OK. That’s fine then.”

    That was my exact brain process laid out for ya. You’d think with us being reporters I’d have a thicker-comment-skin, huh. I should work on that some more.

  3. Alexa Vaughn said

    Muahahaha! The older sister in me can’t restrain the mischievous tease sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Yeah, I know. I too like being mean (teasing, mostly) ๐Ÿ˜‰ to you, to Morgan and a select few other lucky people. Sometimes I think I should develop my meanness even more so it’s like my schtick. Like Miranda Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy. Or like my friend Ahn-Tuan (the one who likes Jess), or our old friend James. People who are known for their meanness but get away with it.

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