A Modern Purple Wedding Inspiration + Buying Guide

purple modern wedding buying guide

I would just die if I saw a wedding using the details and colors in the modern purple wedding inspiration board and buying guide I created above! Just die and swoon and instantly demand of my husband that we get married all over again just to use this design.

Paper Goods

For this gorgeous, modern wedding with deep purple colors accented with bright chartreuse, I would recommend this Paper Source invitation that you assemble yourself choosing this backing card in the 5×7″ size in the fig color.

For a truer purple, try this backing card in eggplant. Use glue dots or double-sided tape to do the assemblage. Doing it yourself will save a ton of money to create a layered and high-end look! Use the matching fig envelope in A7 from Paper Source, or a matching eggplant envelope.

I’d line it in this shimmeringly STUNNING purple and chartreuse paper from Paper Source. Make your own liner template and hand cut out the liners to save tons. (Ask me for advice on how to do that if you’re curious!) But if cutting out envelope liners isn’t your thing, you can always take the paper to a local printer who can do it for you!

Display escort cards in both chartreuse and fig to get an effect just like this:

purple wedding escort cardsSource

If you don’t want to go the print-em-on-your-computer route, get an Etsy seller to do the printing and assembling for you, in the colors of your choice. Etsy is also a good spot to get a custom monogram designed. You can always message the seller with an inspiration photo of a design (like the fabric print above) and get them to create a digital file incorporating that design into a monogram of your initials. That would be simply uh.maz.ing. A monogram could be printed on cute circular tags and used to seal a ribbon belly band tied around your invitation suite, or used as tags/labels on your favors.

Create Ambience

With all these rich colors against a clean, white and modern backdrop, they’d really pop! I’d serve up a signature cocktail in a similar deep purple hue. Try a signature drink like Sangria. Make it yourself the day before and save tons off your bar bill. Sangria’s always a crowd pleaser. If you want the recipes for several 5-gallon signature cocktails (3 containers will be enough to satisfy a crowd of 130) just let me know. I have them!

Some accent throw-pillows tossed on a clean white rental lounge sofa and chairs made out of this fabric pattern I found would tie in the whole design perfectly. This print mimics the colors and design found in the envelope liner paper. Alternatively, try a few of these gorgeous fig-inspired pillows from Etsy.

It also comes in a more vibrant hue:

purple modern wedding throw pillow

Another small detail I would add using the fig-inspired design is using the same fabric linked to above to line a basket holding flip-flops (for high-heel-weary guests), and to line baskets in the guests’ bathrooms holding complimentary essentials like soaps, q-tips, etc. It’s funny how you can find wedding inspiration almost anywhere: fabric prints, magazine tear-outs and architecture to name a few. Find a pattern and go with it!

Try taking an extra sheet of the Paper Source invitation liner paper and use it to wrap soaps, then place those in clear glass cylinders in the bathroom. Such gorgeous little details really help take a wedding to the next level.

Bridesmaid Dresses

For bridesmaids’ dresses that would compliment this palette, try the vivid silk faille dress in wild plum from J.Crew. Or add in some nice layers of purple hues with J.Crew’s silk taffeta bow dress in spice wine, driftwood and caspian blue.

I found the dresses in sizes ranging from 4 to 12 on sale on 100 Layer Cake!

purple bridesmaid dresses

Reception Flowers

At the reception, repeat the hydrangea pattern found in the lovely Paper Source invitation above, by using large white hydrangea blooms in large, glass cylinder vases, like in this photo:

wedding reception flowers, hydrangea bloomsSource

Something like the above would be SO easy to DIY! Just head to a florists’ wholesale store (try the flower district in downtown LA) and pickup large glass cylinder vases. The day before the wedding, assign somebody to help with flowers or hire a just-starting-out florist who can pick up dozens of large white hydrangea blooms along with white gladiolus.

To arrange the flowers, place them into a circular piece of floral foam cut to fit in the vase. Cover the foam entirely with flowers, ensuring the top part overflows with flowers that will rest over the edges of the vase.  Fill the cylinder with water, place an orchid or a few gladiolus’ facing down into the water (to add interest and also obscure the view of the bottom of the floral foam from guests’ vantage point), then place the floral foam arrangement on the top.

Oh, such a wedding would be so gorgeous! If you want to hire me to pull off this design and get tips on even more amazing, totally original details/ideas you could use, don’t hesitate to ask!

Are you a bride who’s struggling with creating a color palette or styling your wedding? Or simply struggling to pull together your vision or find the items you need? I do custom design and buying guides for brides! Give me a holler! elizabeth@clementineandclover.com

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  1. Alexa said

    Very pretty winter bridal ensemble. I’d marry in it. But … !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought Barney purple bride’s maid dresses were your biggest fear! 😉

    • Thank you!!! These colors are great for fall or winter. Won’t you use this board for your future wedding? Because my green eyes will look amazing if I’m wearing purple! 😉 I think the more fig-y or jewel tone-y the purple, the better, but that’s just personal preference. You’re right there’s nothing I despise more than an poorly executed bridesmaid dress color, in any hue!

      • alexa said

        Ahem, I have green eyes too. 😉

      • Yes! It will help you, the bride with green eyes, if you are flanked and surrounded by a sea of purple-wearing-bridesmaids! Or are you saying you wished I’d put you in purple for my wedding? 😉

  2. Tiffany said

    Those bridesmaid dresses are SO pretty!

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Tiffany! Love these dresses too! I feel like they’re totally wearable and would be used again after the wedding.

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